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Don't protect your Business,

Transform it

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Join innovation catalyst - Utssav Gupta in the MASTERCLASS on

How to cope up and adapt by re-imagining your businesses for the changing markets of the Post COVID world by STRATEGICALLY INNOVATING.


He presents solutions of most complex challenges of stagnation in business, resulting in a new breakthrough through strategic innovation. 

Yogendra Shah


Utssav cuts through the confusion in age of information havoc with the sword of clarity. His frameworks and the art of structured thinking literally belittles complex business problems.

Akshar Yadav

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His in-depth understanding about the concepts of innovation are so practical and implementable which cannot be replicated by the competition.

Ruchi Bhambri

Do these disruptive times make you wonder about impact on your business?

Recent events have completely changed the landscape for good.

Global surveys indicate that 92% of business owners believe that innovation is the ONLY WAY to survive.

Despite this, only 6% are happy with their outcomes.



Join in for a free MASTERCLASS on 

Friday, October 02, 2020 from 10:00am to 11:30am

where you will learn-

- #1 factor that makes products, services or business obsolete in emerging markets.

- Conventional methods alternative for Post-COVID conditions and how can you quickly adopt them in your bussiness.

- Core areas that can be innovated that 98% organisations don't know about.

- Proven hacks that dramatically increase success from 

innovation and put your businesses on backtrack.

- New-age innovation tactics that will put your product and services in the front line for the Post COVID markets.

About Utssav

Utssav is an Innovator and Architect deeply passionate about bringing change by design.

He has authored the book "REBOUND" on strategic Innovation along with several other books, papers and journals. He is the creator of Inventive Architecture framework and Outcome-Driven model

that focuses on distinct industry problems and their vision, to find an alternative approach models through innovation.


His ideas and strategic approach has created breakthroughs for many entrepreneurs by opening up new niches, saving them money and creating new breakthroughs that have accelerated their businesses.

Get ready to experience the new way to BOUNCE BACK.


Friday, October 02, 2020 from 10:00am to 11:30am

Grab your seat NOW

Sign up free here

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